Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rudy's Premature Tsunami in Florida?

In a new Datamar poll for the Florida Republican presidential primary (Jan. 29), Governor Huckabee bests the field including the former Mayor of NYC Rudy Giuliani, who once had a commanding lead in Florida but now finds himself 4th in the poll.

Huckabee 23.9%
Romney 19.5%
McCain 17.9%
Giuliani 16.4%
Thompson 9.4%
Paul 4.8%
Hunter .6%
Undecided 7.5%

The Datamar poll (, conducted between Januray 5-7, is further good news for Mike and bad news for Rudy. In May 2007, Mike was polling at 3.1%, while Giuliani was polling at 27%. Huckabee's numbers began to rise at about the same time in Florida that they did nationally. A 4th place finish for Mr. Giuliani would be a serious blow to his strategy of discounting Iowa and NH, while focusing on Florida and the competition on Tsunami Tuesday. What would also die in Florida is Mr. Giuliani much-touted claims of uber-electability. A Huckabee win in Florida will hopefully clarify for the political pundits that the Republican faithful are looking for a candidate that keeps faith not with any one religion, but with Republican core values--social and fiscal conservatism!

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Joel Brind said...

So it looks like Hurricane Rudy didn't do much damage, huh?