Sunday, January 13, 2008

Late Night with Mike Huckabee

Mike's been omnipresent on the late night talk show circuit from the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to David Letterman (the Dave shaves his beard episode) to the Tonight Show with Leno to the Stephen Colbert Report.

The Governor's always on point when issues come up. He's always personable, charming and disarming of his hosts. He's also always entertaining to boot.

But in case your devotion for Huck doesn't extend to staying up past 10 p.m., here are some highlights (with some links) of the night owl Gov:

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno:(In 2 parts: and

Best quote when asked about how Bill Clinton and he both come from Hope, Arkansas and whether they knew each other. Mike explained that Clinton was nine years older than he and that Clinton's family left Hope for Hot Springs, AR when Bill was 7. Mike then quipped that Clinton only proclaimed his Hope hometown allegiance when he ran for president. Mike:
"When he (Clinton) ran for President it just didn't sound right to say "I believe in a place called Hot Springs" can understand that. We all can understand this!"

Mike gives a strong explanation of his Fair Tax proposal (worth watching just for this)!

Other great line: “People are looking for a presidential candidate who reminds them more of the guy they work with rather than the guy that laid them off.”

Almost 14 minutes of Mike! A great national forum for Mike and his message of hope!

Late Show with David Letterman (

Discussion of Mike's early broadcasting career (Mike got an FCC license at the age of 14). Mike talks about Vertical Politics.

Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (no link)

I saw the taped show. Another strong showing by Mike, but unavailable on youtube. Although an out of context Mike remark about the U.S. Constitution is showing up on youtube. The complete context is Craig Ferguson's request for people to make him an honorary citizen and Mike's joking offer to make Craig a citizen of the U.S. Don't be surprised when Romney accuses Huckabee of being soft on illegal late night talk show immigrants!

Colbert Report (

The link is from the NY Times' The Caucus. Jodi Kantor suggests that the one cardinal rule for being on the Colbert Report is "never, ever, ever try to be the funny one." Kantor feels that Mike broke this rule. See for yourself, I know Kantor's wrong. Huckabee goes toe-to-toe with Colbert. The majority of the comments are from Democrats, Republicans and Independents who also disagree with Kantor.

Here's just one of the many funny parts:

Colbert: He (McCain) said he would hunt Osama Bin Laden to the gates of hell. Would you hunt Osama Bin Laden all the way into hell?

Huckabee: And beyond. I will charge hell with a water pistol if necessary.

Mike should be able to again cash in on a "Colbert bump," especially with parting advice like this from Colbert (the running mate his own mind): "Stay strong. Be brave. And remember stay a Huckabee not a Huckawas."

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