Friday, January 4, 2008

Memo to GOP Huckicide bombers: Don’t commit GOPicide!

This morning, I submitted to following letter to the Eagle, the online magazine of, an organ of the conservative wing of the GOP, in response to a vitriolic “Huckicide” piece published today in that journal by Bobby Eberle, President and CEO of gopusa. My letter also applies to the continuing stream of anti-Huckabee venom that continues to flow from the political right, even after Governor Huckabee’s decisive victory in the Iowa caucuses.

To the Editor:

How's this for a Conservative principle: "Though shalt not attack a fellow Republican."
That is often described as "Reagan's 11th Commandment". Even as your column yesterday stressed the importance of party unity, your column today totally trashes the victor in our own first electoral contest, with mudballs like "bad news for the Republican party", "socialist" and claims that the candidate who got the most GOP support in Iowa "simply does not warrant the support he has received."

Do you really think that it makes it all right, to conclude with the hope that "we will all rally around the nominee", after such vicious attacks from a voice of the party itself?

We are surely doomed if we chart such a self-destructive course. Isn't it obvious that there is great news for the GOP out of Iowa, in that turnout went from 88,000 in the last presidential election cycle up to 125,000? That's a real sign of health in the party. But articles like yours are a manifestation of suicidal ideation. Our "big tent" will surely not stand if we keep on hacking away at the tent poles.

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