Monday, January 7, 2008

New Polls: Huckabee on top in US

A new USA Today/Gallup national survey of 1,023 adults was conducted 1/4 through 1/6, and it found that among 423 Republicans and those who lean Republican the results are:

Mike Huckabee - 25%
Rudy Giuliani - 20%
John McCain - 19%
Fred Thompson - 12%
Mitt Romney - 9%.

No other Republican got more than 5 %.

Rasmussen now has Huckabe in first with 20 percent followed by

McCain - 19%
Giuliani - 17%
Romney - 15%
Thompson - 11%
Paul -3%

The uptick continues.


Joel Brind said...

Uptick? Dontcha' mean Big Mo'?

Anonymous said...

Hey Huckabee supporters! Please take a minute to check this post out from the GA Republican. If you live in America and support Mike and the Fair Tax this is for you, especially those in SC. Thanks!

Read the Post Here