Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Have a Nightmare

Yesterday, our new Attorney General made a public speech commemorating African-American History Month. Among other notable statements, Holder called this country “a nation of cowards”, because “we, average Americans” fail to discuss and work out “unresolved racial issues”.

My first reaction to Holder's comments was that Obama's election is living proof that he is right, i.e., that the nation would rather elect the left-most US Senator (from the corrupt Chicago political machine, no less) to the Presidency just because he is black, in order to pretend it had gotten beyond the race issue, than to confront it. (This is the meaning of the satire, "Barack, the Magic Negro", based on an idea expressed by an African-American LA Times reporter.)

But the more I read Holder's statements, the more troubled I get. Specifically, Holder acknowledged that America has done “a pretty good job of melding the races in the workplace”, but then decried the largely segregated lives that black and white Americans continue to lead “(O)n Saturdays and Sundays.”

So, what’s the DOJ got to do with what Americans do in their spare time, you ask? “Through its work and through its example, this Department of Justice, as long as I am here, must—and will—lead the nation to the ‘new birth of freedom’ so long ago promised by our greatest President (Lincoln).”, continued Holder.

Forgive me if I’m mistaken, but I just don’t seem to remember that Lincoln ever tried or suggested using the US Department of Justice “through its work”, to enforce any sort of social agenda for the private lives of Americans.

But it sounds like our new Attorney General intends for the DOJ to get into the business of criminalizing non-integrated church-going and socializing. Outside of the fact that this seems to portend an Orwellian nightmare of government intrusion into citizens' private lives, it is also ironic in that it has been the liberals all along who have hijacked the civil rights movement and consistently sought to divide the nation racially, fighting the noble "I have a dream"-type dream of an integrated society every step of the way.

In truth, of course, there is only one human race; racism belonging on that scrap heap of fictitious ideas that have wreaked such havoc with modern society, right along with man-made global warming, Keynesian economics and "safe abortion”.