Wednesday, December 26, 2007

‘Tis the day after Christmas: Beware repackaged polls sold as new

Now that Christmas is over, you can find outdated political news for sale at the Fox News outlet channel. This morning, it was all about John McCain, and how he’s surging in NH and could even win, after a strong showing in Iowa. “It’s a great time to be John McCain” said pollster Scott Rasmussen, who conducts the prestigious daily presidential tracking polls, in a live Fox News Channel in-studio interview.

Just one slight problem, folks: Rasmussen was just repeating the same week-old polling information he had collected December 16-19 and reported December 20. The only polling organization I could find with an actually more recent poll is the American Research Group (ARG), which polled Iowans (though not NH voters, apparently) during December 20-23. The ARG poll showed that in Iowa, Mick Huckabee was still in the lead, while Romney bumped slipping John McCain out of 2nd place. Looks like the media establishment is still pumping up John McCain, in the interest of keeping the contest as tight and contentious as possible.

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