Friday, December 14, 2007

Rollins to head campaign; new polls looking good

The man who helped Ronald Reagan win 49 states in 1984 has signed on with Mike Huckabee's campaign as national campaign manager.

Ed Rollins also worked for Presidents Nixon and Ford.

So many Republicans look back with fondness to the Reagan years and his brand of Conservativism, and this addition to the staff just helps to link the Huckabee's campaign to Reagan and those feelings.

Meanwhile, in the latest Rasmussen poll, Huckabee continues to lead Giuliani 23 to 19 nationally despite a slew of unfounded attacks on Mike. He is also leading Romney 39 to 23 in Iowa, Romney and Thompson 25 to 18 in South Carolina, and Romney 27 to 23 in Florida, and is in a statistical tie with Romney (but still ahead 21 to 20) in Michigan.

In states like New York and New Hampshire Huckabee is trailing in recent polls - but he is only really beggining to campaign in New Hampshire, and hasn't done so in New York yet.

For now, getting out his name and the word about him is up to us.

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Craig Chormann said...

The addition of Rollins brings a huge dose of experience to the campaign. Ed has a reputation for running tough campaigns and may be just what we need to counter the attacks from the right. He also brings an incredible network of influential donors and political friends with him. Can Mike stay true to his message of vertical politics as he battles for the nomination? Stay tuned.