Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cohen's narrow-minded attack on Huckabee

In his December 5 column in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle ("Huckabee’s moment of shame”), Richard Cohen accused Governor Mike Huckabee of “punting” when asked by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos if Governor Mitt Romney, a Mormon, is a Christian.

He also accused Huckabee of having “obdurate and narrow-minded religious beliefs.”

I suggest that Mr. Cohen has such narrow-minded beliefs, and that he does not understand Christianity or Huckabee.

Huckabee’s told Stephanopoulos, “Mitt Romney has to answer that. ... It's not for me to determine what somebody else's faith is.”

He was stating common Christian beliefs that each person has to account for his own faith, and it is not for other's to judge what lies in a person's heart. Moreover, Huckabee left ministry a long ago to become a public servant. He is running now to be President of a multi-religious United States, not Evangelical-in-Chief.

Further, Huckabee avoids tearing down others – as he declined to do to Rudy Giuliani in the same interview. Huckabee is trying to focus on issues and a vision for America.

People may disagree with him on those issues and that vision. That’s fine. But Cohen going after Huckabee on religious grounds for not going after another candidate on religious grounds strikes me as “narrow-minded.”

Echoing Cohen’s football reference, I think in this case Cohen’s attempted bomb was just an incomplete pass.

(A modified version of the above is being submitted as a letter to the editor.)


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adirondackal said...

Please excuse my skepticism but this isn't my first ride at the carnival. Having seen the Gene McCarthy campaign of 1968 and the Joe Trippi generated Howard Dean campaign of the last election cycle, I always wonder about people surfacing as supporters who might really be something else. Especially since Ron Paul's Koolaid drinkers (Democrats to a man) posed themselves off as something else. If this guy is a real supporter let him donate his great idea to the campaign so that money can be raised to help our candidate.

adirondackal said...

Let me now address the original post. This isn't Kansas, Toto. NY is the land of hardball politics and Bill Powers has signed on with his old nemesis Rudy. I do not know Richard Cohen and cannot be sure that he is part of the capital cabal that is part of the Power's Pundits Patrol but be sure that they are going to do everything to insure that Rudy rules in the empire state. Fortunately rank and file Republicans can do the math: Powers= Pataki and have no intention of following Big Bill into the abyss. Upstate New York Republicans, having been ignored by the Manhattan Republicans led by Powers and Pataki and insulted by Hillary and company are ripe for real leadership. And that is exactly what Mike Huckabee has to offer. Upstate New York will support Governor Huckabee no matter what the Rocky boys want.