Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fox News Channel on Bhutto Assassination: Everybody gets the Mike except Mike

Tonight on the FNC primetime shows (The O'Reilly Factor, guest-hosted by Laura Ingraham) and Hannity and Colmes (Colmes is there, with Rich Lowry guest hosting for Hannity).

It was wall-to-wall Bhutto assassination coverage.

Laura Ingraham did a long interview with John McCain.

Hannity and Colmes did separate full interviews with: Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani, and Mitt Romney.

In concluding the show, Colmes noted how interesting it was to get "the views of all the candidates".

Not surprisingly, they didn't interview any of the Democrats, but it sure was telling that Mike's was the only conspicuous GOP absence. They did have a short clip of Mike--literally a few seconds--expressing sympathy and condolence for Bhutto's family. The not so subtle message: "Gee, what a nice guy to have as a chaplain, but a President?"

But if you check out the website, you’ll find, in Mike’s statement about the Bhutto assassination, perhaps THE best reminder of what we’re up against in the war on terror:

“I believe that we are currently engaged in a world war. Radical Islamic fascists have declared war on our country and our way of life. They have sworn to annihilate each of us who believe in a free society, all in the name of a perversion of religion and an impersonal god. We go to great extremes to save lives, they go to great extremes to take them. This war is not a conventional war, and these terrorists are not a conventional enemy. We must fight the war on terror with the intensity and single-mindedness that it deserves.”

Did somebody say 'gravitas'?

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