Sunday, December 16, 2007

Huckabee and America's Priorities in the War on Terror

An article by Mike Huckabee about the War on Terror and American foreign policy is on RealClearPolitics today. You can find it here:

He wrote about American foreign policy, securing Iraq, containing Iran, and tough love for Pakistan.

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This is the article that he should, according to Mitt Romney, for which he should apologize Seriously?

He outlines a foreign policy that builds upon the success of the Bush administration while addressing its faults. Since when are we, as Republicans, not allowed to offer better solutions when they are available? What are we, Democrats?

Many prominent Republicans have criticized aspects of Bush's foreign policy. I think that only makes us stronger as a party. Stubborn adherence to a failing policy greatly contributed to the Democratic takeover of Congress. It led to Rumsfeld's dismissal as well.

Huckabee's point is that while the surge is working tremendously, it took way too long to implement surge.