Sunday, November 15, 2009

Superficial reporting?

Our local newspaper ran a syndicated story from the Associated Press by Liz Sidoti ("GOP hopefuls begin jockeying for 2012").

Who are mentioned in the lead? Palin, Pawlenty and Romney. Huckabee is buried deep in the article along with the "others."

I posted the following on the newspaper's forum:

I read the AP story in the 11/15 issue ("GOP hopefuls begin jockeying for 2012") with interest - and then disappointment.

The article seems prompted by Palin's book tour and the media attention she is getting - which is fine. I like Palin.

But then as the writer analyzes the Republican hopefuls, she sticks Mike Huckabee at the tail end as an afterthought.

Huckabee currently leads in all the recent GOP polls. He is also is out on a book tour of his own with a bestseller, and has the highest rated cable show on weekends. His radio commentaries are carried on hundreds of stations. Why is he stuck at the end? Did someone not do her research?

At the moment, the polls show Huckabee, Palin and Romney are the leading contenders for the GOP nomination. A fair article should reflect that.

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