Friday, December 11, 2009

New Poll: Huckabee trails Obama by just 1 point

The latest poll by Public Policy Polling shows that Gov. Mike Huckabee is once again the strongest Republican contender in a race with President Obama -and trails the President by just one point.

The poll - which reflects public opinion AFTER the Clemmons controversy broke - shows that if a vote were held today, Obama would get 46% of the vote, and Huckabee 45%.

Thus it looks as if the Clemmons issue has not adversely affected Huckabee's standing. Indeed, he has edged closer to the President despite it.

Of the other Republicans matched head-to-head against the President in the poll, the results are:

Obama: 47 Romney: 42
Obama: 50 Palin: 44
Obama: 48 Pawlenty: 35

In the previous poll (released in November), Huckabee had trailed Obama 49-44. His support went up one point, while Obama's dropped three in the past month.

Among independents, the new poll shows Huckabee trails Obama 49-41 - the best showing of the GOP hopefuls.

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